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It’s easy to make a resolution but much harder to stick with it.I’ll repeat the recommendation I make in my dating guide: regardless of the time of year, make a commitment to yourself that you’re going to try online dating for a certain amount of time and then stick with that. I originally started dating online in June but it was during the following January that I started to take things seriously.

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While I see the New Year bringing these feelings on, it’s not the only time something like this can happen. Horribly Cold Weather Staying indoors more often or traveling less is a reality if you live somewhere cold (and in the U. There’s less sun, often more work and all the “fun” holiday’s are now behind us.After endlessly answering relationship questions over the previous holidays, it’s no surprise to find many singles motivated to start dating as January begins.New Year’s Resolutions When people choose New Year’s resolutions it is almost always something they want to change in their life that may be difficult but not impossible.Sure, January may have had more people than June but it was sticking with it that brought me success, not the particular month it happened to be.My thoughts: the statistics and conversation on the “best” time to date online is interesting and well worth consideration but don’t let it be the only thing helping you decide!

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